Our highest priorities

Safety & Quality

Ensuring the highest standards, from extraction to disposal

At Arcadium Lithium, we know that safety and quality go hand-in-hand, leading to happier employees and consistently exceeding customer expectations. Safety and quality are the result of collaboration between our company leadership, our employees, suppliers, customers and contractors. Each are a vital link in our commitment to product stewardship, which ensures the highest standards of safety and quality throughout the lifecycle of everything we produce.


Safety is one of Arcadium Lithium’s core values. We have a steadfast focus on the safety of our employees, our customers and the communities we operate in. We empower our workers to put safety first and have written Safe Handling Guides for all of our materials so that anyone who handles lithium products has the information they need to stay safe. We continuously seek the best ways to promote the safest work practices, from lithium extraction to disposal.

From our extraction operations in the field to the end users in manufacturing facilities, we provide Safe Handling Guides at every step of the process.

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Quality is a key driver of everything we do. It is why customers seek us out and continue to partner with us. We created a Global Quality Network to embed a culture of quality across every level of the organization, worldwide. All our plants are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We continue to improve our Quality Management Systems by reviewing performance and objectives on a consistent basis.

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