Quick Facts

Arcadium Lithium

With a global footprint and end-to-end capabilities, there’s a lot to know about Arcadium Lithium.
Who is Arcadium Lithium?

Arcadium Lithium is a leading global lithium chemicals producer committed to safely and responsibly harnessing the power of lithium to improve people’s lives and accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. We drive innovation and partner with our customers to pioneer new solutions and provide high-quality finished lithium compounds. We power a more sustainable world in which lithium enables exciting possibilities for renewable energy, electric transportation and modern life. Arcadium Lithium is vertically integrated, with industry-leading capabilities across the lithium production process including hard-rock mining, conventional pond based brine extraction, direct lithium brine extraction (DLE) and lithium chemicals manufacturing.

How was Arcadium Lithium founded?

Our company was created from the merger of equals between Livent and Allkem in January 2024. In merging the two businesses, we created a leading global, vertically integrated producer of the broadest range of lithium chemicals products to meet the world’s growing demand for portable electronics, electric cars, and large-scale stationary storage facilities.

Why is lithium so important?

Lithium is a critical element necessary for a wide spectrum of applications. From the revolution in electric vehicle batteries and mobile devices to the strong, lightweight alloys and advanced polymers that take innovation further, we harness lithium technology to help the world move forward—cleaner, healthier and more sustainably. Lithium is the lightest metal, has high energy density, and exhibits low thermal expansion. As an essential part of the transition to a low-carbon, clean-energy economy, demand for lithium will continue to grow for years to come.

Other than lithium-ion batteries, how is lithium used?

We produce lithium hydroxide for the manufacture of lithium greases, dyes, resins and many specialty applications. Our products are also key to the production of polymers in a wide range of other applications that improve our lives, from fuel efficient “green” tires to stronger, more flexible adhesives and other pharmaceutical applications.

Is Arcadium Lithium a lithium miner or a processor?

Both. We are a vertically integrated lithium chemicals producer, from source to product solution. Our value-added business model across the entire lithium operations chain enables us to better serve our customers with a more resilient supply chain and enhanced operating flexibility and efficiency. With our state-of-the-art R&D facilities, we focus on testing and understanding new ways to improve energy storage and lithium delivery.

How does Arcadium Lithium approach sustainability?

From operations to investment, sustainability is built into everything we do. We are reimagining what’s possible to produce more of the lithium the world needs while continuing to lead the industry forward in corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship and transparency.