Leading the way


Transformative collaboration driving positive change

For decades, we’ve worked with our customers and communities to drive progress. Pioneering, collaborating, evolving together. We continue to innovate with our partners, with the ultimate goal of creating a more sustainable future. To accelerate this process, we operate two laboratories where we work with industry partners to find new solutions to power positive change.


The Center for Lithium Energy Advanced Research (CLEAR) is advancing new ways to improve high performance energy storage. It’s a unique place where our customers and scientists work together to create safer and better performing batteries and applications that move the world forward.

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Analytical Lab

Our partners expect reliable products, which we deliver through methodical analysis and rigorous quality standards in our labs. Using cutting-edge technologies, we investigate energy storage materials, high purity lithium metal and alloys, and organometallics to power breakthroughs in key areas.

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